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Hornsby - Kenya: A History since Independence (IB Tauris, December 2011).

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Description: Description: Description: Kenya: A History Since Independence

Reviews of Kenya: A History since Independence.


Throup and Hornsby - Multi-Party Politics in Kenya (James Currey, 1998).

Description: Description: Description: Multi-Party Politics In Kenya (Eastern African Studies)


Reviews of Multi-Party Politics in Kenya.




The Social Structure of the National Assembly in Kenya, Journal of Modern African Studies, 1989 - Cambridge Univ Press

Elections and political change in Kenya, Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 1992 - Taylor & Francis

The Multi-party general elections in Kenya: 29 December, 1992 National Election Monitoring Unit, 1993 - NEMU

Election day and the results, Out for the Count: The 1997 General Elections and prospects for Democracy in Kenya, eds. Rutten. Mazrui and Grignon, Fountain, 2001.

Opinion Polling in Kenya, Unpublished paper, 2001

The 2007 Kenya General Election: What Can We Tell From the Data, Unpublished paper, 2008


Doctoral Thesis:


The Member of Parliament in Kenya, 1985 – University of Oxford


Other Materials


A set of 1992 Election Photographs.

A set of 1997 Election Photographs.


Independent Article, 1992



An analysis of Kenyan Cabinets and Parliaments by age, sex, ethnicity, education and occupation: Members of Parliament in Kenya.


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